About Us

Who are we?

HBBA care (T/A Dignified and Compassionate Care) is a company that is passionate about the provision of personalised care throughout the United Kingdom.

What do we do?

We provide home based care services to a myriad of clients from different backgrounds with an emphasis on dignity, compassion, satisfaction and the general wellbeing of our clients.

Our Values & Mission Statement:

Our company prides itself on its mandate of providing personal care that encapsulates our honoured principles: preserving personal dignity and extending compassion to one and all.
Since we commenced operations in 2015 we have strived to provide services that cater for all, without bias in regards to capability, race, sexuality, gender, age and religion at all times. Our dedicated team achieves this by considering all aspects of our clients’ care and implementing our services around a client’s care requirements and wishes to the best of our ability. It’s our long term goal that anyone who requires quality care is not left unattended.
After all, caring for each other is the hallmark of humanity.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility & Pledges:

We consider it our duty not only to provide our quality services within the community, but to also respect, preserve and improve the many environments we operate in. Corporate social responsibility flows in the blood of our company and is a guiding force behind our three pledges:

We pledge to look after our environment with the same amount of commitment we extend to our staff and clients.

We pledge to be part of the solution, not the problem.

We pledge to be an epitome of sustainability and a leading example of good corporate conduct.


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